Image by Paweł Czerwiński

It is impossible to get bored on Voigtland.

Giraffe Feeding

Feed our giraffes right by the pool. What an experience!

Game Drives

Take a game drive and see a wide range of African antelopes. 

Bird Watching

Voigtland is a bird paradise. Listen to them all day long.


Take a comfortable hike around Voigtland's beautiful scenery.

Meet The Stud

Admire the unique way of cattle farming in Namibia.


Enjoy a peaceful day at the Voigtland Spa.

Quad Biking

Rent quad-bikes and go for  a spin through the savannah.

Historic Archives

Discover the history of Voigtland all the way back to 1893.

Mountain Biking

Take the Mountain-Bikes out for an adventure on our trails.

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